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State Lawmaker Pushes Bill To Pay Off Unemployment Debt

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December 1, 2014

The fund that pays benefits to unemployed workers in Ohio owes more than a billion dollars in debt to the federal government, but there may be a fix in the works.

College Degrees Bring More Debt, Higher Wages

The study says households with at least one college degree have more debt, but make about $17,000 more a year than households with only high school diplomas.
July 18, 2014

Chances are that if you’ve nailed a college degree to your wall recently, you’re also nailed with debt. But some new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland says degree earners are still better off in the long-term than those without a diploma.

Justice Department Seeks Repayment Of Delinquent Student Loans.

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The federal Department of Education is turning to the Justice Department more often in recent years in a bid to collect delinquent student loans.
30, 2011

The federal Department of Education is turning to the Justice Department in Ohio and other states in a bid to collect delinquent student loans. The actions by federal agencies come as the amount of student loan debt has surpassed outstanding debt owed on credit cards.

Columbus Physician Struggles With Student Loan Debt.

22, 2010

Seven years after graduating from medical school, 41 year old Doctor Michelle Bisutti says she’ll likely be paying on her student loan debt until she’s 70 years old.

OSU’s Debt Stress Index Indicates Consumers More Confident About Debt

25, 2009

Americans are worrying less about the debt they carry. New figures from an Ohio State University survey show that the Debt Stress Index is declining from this summer’s all time high.

More Elderly Seek Bankruptcy Protection

25, 2007

Debt Counselors in Ohio and other states report more 50, 60, and even 70 year olds are seeking relief from creditors. Oftentimes, the pile of debt forces the elderly into bankruptcy court.

Cost of college going up – Part 2

4, 2005

The Ohio State University Board of Trustees meets Friday to consider the next round of tuition increases. Several other state colleges and universities have already raised tuition and related costs, prompting students and their families to sharpen their pencils and determine how to pay the bills.