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Kilroy Defeats Stivers in 15th Congressional Race

7, 2008

Democrats have taken a seat from House Republicans after the counting of provisional ballots in a race in central Ohio. Unofficial results Sunday showed that Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy beat Republican Steve Stivers by more than 2,000 votes.

Stivers-Kilroy Too Close to Call

5, 2008

Just like it was two years ago the results of the race in the 15th Congressional District are extremely close. Right now Republican Steve Stivers leads Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy by only 321 votes out of about a quarter of a million votes cast. Slowing the process is the large number of absentee ballots cast Monday and and paper ballots cast on Election Day.

MoveOn.Org Rallies for Republican Deborah Pryce

4, 2007

It was an unusual sight Thursday evening on the sidewalk in front of 500 South Front Street. A well-known group of political activists that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to unseat Republican Congresswoman Deborah Pryce was holding a rally for her in front of her office.

30,000 Veterans Buried in Columbus’ Green Lawn Cemetery

May 28, 2007

Columbus’s Green Lawn Cemetery has about 30,000 veterans buried on its grounds. Every year volunteers try as best they can to decorate all the graves of service men and women with an American flag

Two Democratic Franklin County Commissioners May Cause 15th Congressional District Primary

9, 2007

Two Democratic Franklin County commissioners are eyeing the 15th congressional seat currently held by Republican Deborah Pryce. Paula Brooks is considering a run, and Mary Jo Kilroy has already announced she’s running.

Board Postpones Hearing of Protest to 15th District Candidacy

May 31, 2006

The Franklin County Board of Elections has postponed for three weeks hearing a protest against a candidate for the 15th Congressional District. Columbus business owner and Madison County resident Charles Morrison is running as an independent candidate against incumbent Congresswoman Deborah Pryce and Democratic challenger Mary Jo Kilroy. Several county republican leaders have asked the board to remove Morrison from the November ballot.

Hearing on Ports Deal Resumes on Capitol Hill

2, 2006

Its day two of Congressional review of the controversial ports deal. U-S Congresswoman, Deborah Pryce, of Upper Arlington chaired a hearing on Monday to shed more light on a deal to sell management rights at some U-S Ports to Dubai World Ports of the United Arab Emirates.

Board recommends suspension for Franklin County Judge Deborah O’Neill

17, 2004

An disciplinary panel attached to the Ohio Supreme Court recommends Franklin county Common Pleas Court Judge Deborah O’Neill lose her law license for two years. The Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline found O’Neill repeatedly failed to act properly in and out of the courtroom.