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First female commander of Ohio Guard to leave post

Major General Deborah Ashenhurst of the Ohio National Guard plans to step down next year.
December 19, 2014

The commander of the Ohio National Guard is stepping down next year.

Ohio National Guard Postpones Training

The Ohio National Guard has postponed training exercises for lack of funds
September 8, 2014

Ohio adjutant Major General Deborah Ashenhurst has postponed training drills and travel for Ohio National Guard members. Ashenhurst announced the change after funding from Congress fell short.

Adjutant General: Ohio National Guard Better Prepared Since 9-11

Ohio National Guard Adjutant General, Deborah Ashenhurst
Ohio National Guard Adjutant General, Deborah Ashenhurst, talks with students who are also veterans after ceremony at Columbus State Community College
1, 2013

The head of the Ohio National Guard says her units are better equipped and better trained as a result of overseas deployments since 9-11. But the preparedness comes with sacrifice. Convoy protection, field communication, in-flight refueling of fighter jets, are among tasks assigned to Ohio National Guard troops for the past twelve years.