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Are You Excited About Ohio’s GOP Primary?

Posted: January 27, 2012

Have the near-endless stream of debates, TV ads and candidate appearances changed your outlook on the contest?

Ohioans Closely Watch Final Debate

16, 2008

Ohioans took advantage of the last chance to see Barack Obama and John McCain face-to-face during last night’s third presidential debate. Worthington Kilbourne Social Studies teacher Scott DiMauro says he likes Senator Obama’s views on health care and education. Ohio State University senior Scott Blake favors Senator McCain saying he’s better able to handle economic and national security.

High Stakes Political Campaigns Work To “Frame” Candidates and Issues

25, 2008

The debate goes on in Congress over the proposed $700,000,000,000 bailout, while the presidential candidates prepare for a high stakes debate on Friday. An Ohio University professor said this is an especially good week to monitor what she called the “framing” of candidates.