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Columbus, Urban Schools: State Data System Riddled with Problems

Columbus City Schools and eight other urban districts claim state date system is filled with deficiencies.
September 26, 2012

Ohio’s “Big 8″ urban school districts say administration of a state computer system at the center of a statewide attendance-tampering investigation is riddled with deficiencies.

State To Release More Data, Attendance Records Still Delayed

A district auditor told the Columbus City Schools Board of Education that she found at least two instances of Columbus high schools changing attendance data outside of the normal window for adjustments.
26, 2012

State report card scores have been delayed as Ohio Auditor Dave Yost continues to investigate whether districts retroactively changed attendance records to boost state report card scores.

Ohio Auditor Gets Help From OSU Stats Experts For Data Probe

State Auditor Dave Yost says he thinks most systems will be cleared of any attendance data manipulation.
10, 2012

State board of education members received an update about possible attendance data manipulation at districts across Ohio. WOSU reports the state auditor also encouraged board members to release district report card numbers in light of the investigation.

Ohio Auditor: Attendance Probe To Expand Statewide

Did school officials manipulate attendance numbers?
26, 2012

The state auditor in Ohio says he is expanding an investigation into changes made to student attendance data in several districts to statewide.

Auditor: ODOT Could Save $6 Million

performance review of the transportation agency. He says about 42 percent of Ohio's backhoes, excavators and other equipment are used only 5 percent of the time.
April 27, 2012

A report by the state’s auditor has found that the Ohio Department of Transportation could save more than $6 million by selling underused heavy equipment and vehicles and closing two rest stops in eastern Ohio.

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost: Cities Disregard Open Records Law

Yost Sunshine Week chart
State Auditor Dave Yost shows open records compliance rates.
12, 2012

Ohio State Auditor Dave Yost says many Ohio cities are not obeying the spirit of the state’s open records law.

Commentary: SkinnyOhio.org Is a Little Skinny on The Facts

September 1, 2011

The Kasich Administration and other Republicans are pushing local governments to consolidate and share services. It’s an effort to save money. But WOSU Commentator Gail Martineau says the consolidation “sales pitches” should include all the facts.