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11 People Plead Guilty to Sham Marriage Schemes in Columbus

12, 2010

11 people in Columbus recently pleaded guilty for their involvement in sham marriage schemes. The pleas are the result of an investigation by local and federal officials led by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency. Prosecutors say foreign nationals paid thousands of dollars to wed Americans in hopes of longer stays and boosting citizenship chances in the United States.

Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Tribute at Columbus’ Veterans Memorial

18, 2010

“Celebrate the Legacy: A Voice in The Crowd” is the name for this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr., observance at Veterans Memorial in Columbus.

Not So Hot Ticket – Recession Hurts Memorial Ticket Sales

22, 2009

A few years ago, it was nearly impossible to get a ticket to the Memorial Golf Tournament unless you knew someone. Now, Jack Nicklaus’s tournament is offering incentives to get the general public to buy passes. Insiders blame the bad economy.

Bond Issue Would Expand, Renovate Upper Arlington Libraries

28, 2009

Voters in Upper Arlington go to the polls May 5th to decide Issue 4. That’s a $25 million bond issue that would renovate and expand the city’s library facilities. Supporters say the average homeowner would only pay $8.66 more a month. Critics say the proposal needs closer scrutiny.