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Reynoldsburg Passes Day-Time Curfew

12, 2010

Reynoldsburg City Council has approved a limited day-time curfew for students. The new law will make it a misdemeanor for suspended or expelled students to roam the streets during school hours. WOSU reports some community members say the curfew is not needed.

City Of Columbus Reenacts Curfew

11, 2009

Tonight, the City of Columbus begins enforcing its curfew. Last year, about 60 teens were picked up for violating the city’s curfew ordinance. This year, there are a few changes. WOSU’s Kim Fox reports.

Curfew Joint Venture with YMCA Nears End

19, 2008

Only one week remains for the night curfew program that’s being operated by the City of Columbus and the YMCA. It’s an effort to remove young people who are on the street past certain hours.

Teen Curfew Enforcement Begins June 5th

2, 2008

Starting June 5th, the city of Columbus will crack down on young people who violate the city’s decades old curfew. Mayor Coleman says that children 17 years of age or younger who are picked up by police for being on the streets after hours will be taken to the YMCA. It’s a move he says that’s meant to keep children safe and off the streets.’

YMCA Lends Helping Hand With New Curfew

14, 2008

Columbus police commanders welcome Mayor Coleman’s program to crack down on teenagers who break the city’s decades old curfew. And the place where the curfew breakers would go – the downtown YMCA – says its up to the challenge.