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Two City Neighborhoods Look For Answer To Housing Crisis.

2, 2009

Today WOSU reports: “Facing The Mortgage Crisis.” As part of the series, WOSU News visits two streets, Blake Avenue in Linden, and Dakota Street in Franklinton to take measure of some of the tell-tale effects of multiple foreclosures.

Plan To Expand Gambling Gets More Complicated

21, 2009

The move to expand gambling in Ohio is getting more complex and confusing as each day passes. There are actually two different ways that slot machines may become legal. The governor and legislators are backing one plan, and some gambling promoters are backing the other.

Strickland Reverses Stance On Gambling Amid Budget Crisis

June 19, 2009

After years of opposition to the expansion of gambling, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland has announced a plan for slots machines at seven horse racing tracks as a way to help balance the budget.

Left And Right Battle Over Budget

29, 2009

If Gov. Ted Strickland and lawmakers do as expected and go to the rainy day fund to plug a $900 billion deficit in the current state budget, that will open up a $3 billion hole in the next spending plan, and more trouble for the budget after that. Advocates and political operatives have some ideas on how to balance the budget. Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler sat down with two policy watchers to hear their proposals.

Ohio Officials Announce Budget Shortfall

May 5, 2009

Another bombshell has hit on Ohio’s budget front. After three rounds of state government spending cuts, officials have announced another gigantic money shortfall – and it’s a gap that must be closed in the next 8 weeks. In the long run, the devastating news means there could be more cutbacks in many government programs over the next two years. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen explains.

Foreclosure Caravan Hits the Suburbs

18, 2009

The foreclosure crisis is hitting Ohio in the worst way. But two local Realtors hope to educate the public by showing foreclosed properties to potential buyers with their Foreclosure Caravan Tours.

Economic Earthquake – Why Didn’t Experts Forsee It?

25, 2009

The current economic crisis has had disastrous consequents for many. WOSU’ Commentator Michael Ivey wonders why experts did not see it coming.

Historian Sees Few Similarities Between the Crash of ’29, the Great Depression and Now

10, 2008

Ohio University historian Paul Milazzo says the current financial crisis is unlike either the Crash of 1929 or the Great Depression of the 1930′s.

Some Police Officers Drop “Tough Guy” Approach to Help Mentally Ill

28, 2008

Ohio has trained more than 3,000 police officers how to deal with people who have mental health problems.

Potential foreclosure victims unaware of help

25, 2008

Ohio’s foreclosure crisis is one of the worst in the nation, but there is a little help on the way. The federal government is making money available for non-profit groups to provide financial counselling to families who are having problems keeping up with their mortgage payments. That advice could come in handy because many Ohio homeowners do not seem aware of some low-interest loans that could get them out of their jam.