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Ohio Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Employers.

23, 2010

The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld a 2005 state law that limited lawsuits against employers by workers hurt on the job.

Ohio Foreclosure Filings Hit Another Record High

17, 2010

Foreclosure filings in Ohio have edged upward to a new record high for the state. From our statehouse news bureau, Bill Cohen has details.

Ohio Supreme Court Will Hear Nurse Drug Case.

11, 2010

With so many Ohio inmates locked up on drug charges, a case before the Ohio Supreme Court this week could have a major impact. The justices will hear arguments Tuesday on whether a nurse who stole drugs can be eligible for a drug treatment program instead of prison, or whether her job makes her ineligible.

Mother Helps Son Escape Juvenile County Court

30, 2009

Charges have been filed against a mother who allegedly helped her juvenile son escape from a county court last week.

Ohio Supreme Court Weighs Anti-Porn Law.

21, 2009

The Ohio Supreme Court is looking over an Ohio law that was created to protect children from receiving or seeing adult material when they’re online, after an appeals court ruled the law was too broad to be constitutional.

Ohio Must Pay 6% Interest On Unclaimed Funds

19, 2009

Earlier this year, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional for the state to stop paying interest to people who were retrieving money they had forgotten about in dormant bank accounts, rent or utility deposits, and insurance policies. Now, a judge has declared what the new interest rate has to be.

County Court Creates Programs To Help Prostitutes, Drug Abusers

14, 2009

Franklin County Municipal Court is creating two new programs to help prostitutes and drug abusers avoid jail time and get treatment. Officials say it will save city and county government $2 million a year.

Ohio High Court Rules For Abortion Record Privacy

1, 2009

The Ohio Supreme Court says parents who are suing over their underage daughter’s abortion are not entitled to see confidential medical records maintained by the clinic that performed the procedure.

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Against Residency Rules

June 10, 2009

A divided Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that city governments may not require employees to live within city limits.

Ohio Supreme Court Rules That Advanced Age Alone Can’t Cancel Agreement

7, 2009

The Ohio Supreme Court says a voluntary agreement signed by a resident as she moved into a nursing home can’t be thrown out just based on her advanced age. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler has details.