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Ohio Supreme Court Candidates Take “Clean Campaign” Pledge

21, 2010

Candidates for Ohio Supreme Court on this fall’s ballot vow to run clean campaigns.

Ohio Supreme Court Hears Debate Over Tobaco Money.

6, 2010

The Ohio Supreme Court is ready to hear arguments over the state’s 2008 move to use about $230,000,000 set aside for tobacco prevention for other purposes. Ohio officials are expected to tell the court why they chose to put the funds toward expanded health care for children and optional Medicaid services.

Ohio Supreme Court Considers “Skill Games”

10, 2010

Over the past 3 years, thousands of so-called “skill games” have popped up across Ohio at arcades, convenience stores, and even gas stations. The games reward players who can use buttons or joysticks to manipulate figures on a video screen. The Ohio Supreme Court is now deliberating in a case involving these skill games.

Gov. Strickland Appoints Interim Supreme Court Chief Justice

14, 2010

It’s been more than a week since the sudden death of Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer. The governor has now appointed the Democrat who’s running for Chief Justice to take his place. But critics say putting him on the bench is a slap in the face to the man he’s replacing.

Ohio Mourns State Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.

5, 2010

Ohio lost a major political figure suddenly on Friday, when chief justice Thomas Moyer died less than a day after being admitted to a Columbus hospital for what were thought to be non-life-threatening health issues. Moyer was the nation’s longest serving state Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Ohio Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Employers.

23, 2010

The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld a 2005 state law that limited lawsuits against employers by workers hurt on the job.

Ohio Foreclosure Filings Hit Another Record High

17, 2010

Foreclosure filings in Ohio have edged upward to a new record high for the state. From our statehouse news bureau, Bill Cohen has details.

Ohio Supreme Court Will Hear Nurse Drug Case.

11, 2010

With so many Ohio inmates locked up on drug charges, a case before the Ohio Supreme Court this week could have a major impact. The justices will hear arguments Tuesday on whether a nurse who stole drugs can be eligible for a drug treatment program instead of prison, or whether her job makes her ineligible.

Mother Helps Son Escape Juvenile County Court

30, 2009

Charges have been filed against a mother who allegedly helped her juvenile son escape from a county court last week.

Ohio Supreme Court Weighs Anti-Porn Law.

21, 2009

The Ohio Supreme Court is looking over an Ohio law that was created to protect children from receiving or seeing adult material when they’re online, after an appeals court ruled the law was too broad to be constitutional.