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COTA Deal Can’t Head Off Driver Strike

The strike means there will be no fixed-route service today, but Will Call and non-ADA trips will not be affected.
2, 2012

About 600 drivers and mechanics are out on strike today, even after reaching a tentative labor deal with COTA executives late last night.

COTA And Union Workers Still Disagree On New Contract

COTA bus in Columbus
27, 2012

Thousands of COTA bus riders could find themselves scrambling to get to work next week if union workers go on strike. Union leaders will meet again with COTA executives on Sunday to try to reach an agreement.

Job Dispersion Away From Downtown Poses Challenge For COTA

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A COTA bus nears the Broad High intersection downtown. Most COTA routes begin and end downtown even as suburbs build employment on perimeter of city.
4, 2012

The Central Ohio Transit Authority says it will enter competition next year for federal monies to get more workers to their job sites. Job growth often occurs in areas poorly served by bus routes and COTA faces obstacles changing its route system to serve newer employment sites.

COTA Vote On Contract Sets Up Possible Labor Dispute

The president of the union representing more than 600 COTA employees says the union is prepared to strike if necessary.
27, 2012

The president of the union representing more than 600 COTA employees says the union is prepared to strike if necessary.

COTA Faces Potential Labor Unrest

A COTA bus stops at intersection on North High Street
23, 2012

The Central Ohio Transit Authority faces a potential strike by its drivers and maintenance workers. Union membership has given its leaders authorization to call a strike pending the outcome of a contract vote later today.

Columbus Bus Ridership Spikes

The Central Transit Authority is using more hybrid buses as ridership expands.
8, 2011

A new snapshot of public transit shows Columbus had the highest percentage increase in bus ridership in the nation. During the last three months, the Central Ohio Transit Authority boosted ridership by nearly 11 percent.

Transit Authority Drops Plan To Move High Street Stops

Ohio Statehouse at Broad and High Streets
14, 2011

“We did get comments that it was racially motivated and economically motivated but that did not factor into either our initial plans to move it or our decision to leave the route where it is.” Bill Lhota, COTA President.

Columbus High Schoolers Keep Free Rides

The Columbus School Board will send COTA $894,000 to let high schoolers ride for free.
28, 2011

The Columbus Board of Education will send COTA $894,000 to let high schoolers ride for free.

What Would It Take For You To Leave Your Car At Home?

Posted: September 19, 2011

The Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission Thursday will ask Central Ohio drivers to leave their cars at home. MORPC wants drivers to walk, ride their bikes, take the bus or car pool. What would it take for you to leave your car at home every day?

What If 78,000 Central Ohioans Stopped Driving, For Good?

Central Ohio Transit Authority bus. COTA says it could not handle 78,000 new riders quickly.
19, 2011

Central Ohioans always are being encouraged to take alternate modes of transportation, be it the bus, a bike or just walking. And this Thursday, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission wants people to abandon their car for the day. WOSU takes a look at what would happen if people really abandoned their cars in Central Ohio, for good.