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Corn Growers Question High Food Costs

24, 2008

Ohio Corn Growers say their commodity is not getting a fair deal.

A New Cancer Drug Increases Patients’ Financial Burdens

31, 2006

A treatment for colon cancer has undergone criticism lately for its prohibitive costs. The drug is up for FDA approval to treat two new cancers, which means more access to state-of-the-art medicine, and also more financial problems for cancer patients.

Cost of College Money Going Up (2)

3, 2005

State colleges and universities in Ohio are in the process of raising tuition and related costs for the coming school year. Meanwhile, Students and their families are sharpening their pencils and trying to figure out how to pay the higher education bills.

Columbus Mayor unveils budget, seeks concessions

14, 2003

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman Friday unveiled next year’s budget. As expected, city departments are making cuts and imposing layoffs. But the mayor says if city unions agree to take some days off without pay those jobs could be saved.