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Ohio State approves one museum deal, looks to another

4, 2005

WOSU’S plan to locate some of its studios at COSI moved forward Friday. The Ohio State University Board of Trustees approved a ten-year lease with COSI. WOSU plans to build television and radio production facilities at COSI. Also Friday, OSU revealed it is looking at taking control of the Jack Nicklaus Museum.

COSI annouces deep cuts, reduced hours

19, 2004

The head of COSI announced deep cuts in the wake of voters rejection of an operating levy. COSI president Kathryn Sullivan says COSI will eliminate 67 positions – cutting the science museum’s staff by 36%. The museum will close Mondays and Tuesdays starting June 21st. Click the Listen icon to hear Howard Ornstein’s interview with Kathryn Sullivan.

Central Ohio voters to pick top Dem., decide levies

2, 2004

It’s primary election day in Ohio. The polls opened at 6:30 this morning and will close tonight at 7:30. Ohio voters will pick the Democrat they think should challenge President Bush. Franklin county voters will decide two key levy issues.

Voters to decide COSI levy

27, 2004

Franklin County voters Tuesday will decide whether to pay higher property taxes in exchange for free admission to COSI.Officials at the downtown Columbus science museum needs the money to keep it operating as it is now. If the levy passes, Franklin County residents will be admitted free of charge. The levy amounts to an extra $15 per year for a $100,000 house.