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“Occupy Columbus” Brings Protesters To Statehouse Square

Occupy Columbus
"Occupy Columbus" protesters in front of the Statehouse Monday.
10, 2011

“Organization is always tough. When you’re talking about 99 percent of the people, you’re talking about alot of different demographics.” Occupy Columbus protester Alex Corwin

Clean Water is a Basic Human Right

23, 2010

We take clean, safe, even vitamin filled drinking water for granted. But in many parts of the world, safe drinking water is a relative luxury. WOSU commentator Andrew Miller criticizes the United States for not doing more to bring clean water to all.

The Cost of Low Prices – The Bill Is Coming

16, 2010

We live in a world of an expanding scope of products many of which have steadily dropping prices. A computer that once cost $3,000 now costs $300. While advances in technology and transportation and increasing corporate efficiency have their benefits, WOSU commentator Andrew miller wonders about the long-term cost.