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Corn Growers Question High Food Costs

24, 2008

Ohio Corn Growers say their commodity is not getting a fair deal.

Ohioans Will Likely Pay More for Corn-related Products

18, 2008

Ohio has been spared the record flooding in Iowa and elsewhere, but residents will still pay higher prices for corn products.

County uses cornstalks to prevent snow drifting

18, 2007

Franklin County is using cornstalks to help keep country roads clear of snow. Franklin County Commissioners today approved a program which pays local farmers to leave cornstalks up over the winter.

Corn Harvest Going Well In Fayette Co., OH

September 24, 2007

Driving the back roads of Ohio may take a little longer this time of year. Farm machinery is headed to and from the field as trucks haul the harvest into town. The wind is whipping up dried corn leaves too, another sign that the corn harvest is underway. In Fayette County, southwest of Columbus, farmers might have a good crop year in spite of a shortage of rainfall.

Ohio’s corn harvest to reflect nation’s record-breaking predictions

10, 2007

The U.S.D.A. predicts the country’s corn harvest will reach about 13 billion bushels this year. That’s a 24 percent increase over last year’s crop. And if the forecast is accurate this will be the largest crop since 1933. Jim Ramey is Ohio’s field office director with the National Agriculture Statistics Service. Ramey said the corn harvest – though it has experienced some problems with drought – is looking good. Click on the icon to hear the interview.

Ohio Farmers Help Meet Ethanol Demand

An ethanol plant under construction near Bloomingburg, OH. The demand for corn is boosting prices.
April 9, 2007

Ohio farmers apparently will follow a national trend this spring. They say they’ll plant about 15% more acres in corn this year — a move spurred mostly by the demand for ethanol. But some Fayette County farmers have been rethinking their spring planting decisions.

Farm Group Leader Promotes Cash For Carbon Program

5, 2007

The Ohio Farmers Union this year unveils a new program to pay farmers for storing carbon on their land. The payments begin just as new reports surface that point to carbon dioxide emissions as a prime factor in global warming. But, at least one agricultural economist says the so-called carbon credits program will make little difference in the economics of farming.

Weird weather affecting crops

5, 2007

Golfing, wave runners and blooming forsythia. Those are often considered evidence of spring and summer. But it’s January. The unseasonably warm weather may be considered a blessing for outdoorsmen and plants. But farmers say the weather is not good for their crops.

Farmers Anticipate Good Corn and Soybean Harvests.

20, 2006

Thousands of farmers from Ohio and surrounding states take a break from harvest this week to take in the Farm Science Review near London, Ohio. But, there’s growing worry that rail and river transportation systems will be strained by this fall’s harvest.

Ohio Corn Farmers Slow to Harvest

1, 2005

Its early November and nearly half of Ohio’s corn crop is still standing in the field. Harvest has been a bit slow compared to last year as some farmers respond to unfavorable markets.