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Ohio HS to Get Tougher in 2014 but The Time to Prepare Is Now

20, 2009

Starting in 2014, it’s going to be a lot tougher to graduate from an Ohio high school and get into an Ohio public college or university. 2014 seems a long way off, but WOSU Commentator Jerolyn Barbee says we all should start planning now.

Ohio Senate OK’s Tougher HS Coursework

6, 2006

Ohio Senators Wednesday approved a bill to eventually force all Ohio college-bound high-schoolers to take a beefed-up curriculum, if they want to move directly to a four-year, state-supported university.

Lawmakers at odds over Tougher High School Requirements

15, 2006

A proposed new law would require students to take rigorous courses in high school if they want to attend a four-year, state-supported university in Ohio.