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Cleveland Leaders Hope Hotels Will Land Them Convention

County and city leaders are hopeful a revamped downtown and new convention center can help Cleveland land the 2016 Republican National Convention.
March 6, 2014

Cleveland made bids to host political conventions in 2008 and 2012, but lost out both times. Local leaders are hopeful more hotel rooms and a new convention center will land them the 2016 Republican National Convention.

The History Of Legionnaire’s Disease

The Bellevue Stratford Hotel, which was linked to a 1976 Legionnaire's Disease outbreak.
12, 2013

The bacteria that’s been linked to six recent deaths at a Reynoldsburg retirement community was first identified in 1976 after a massive outbreak at a Philadelphia convention.

Columbus Game Fair Draws Thousands From Around The Country

23, 2011

For the next few days, thousands of people will go downtown to play games: board games, card games, role-playing games. It’s a convention called The Origins Game Fair which runs now through Sunday at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Port Columbus Plans Expansion Even As Fewer Passengers Board Planes.

13, 2009

Port Columbus officials are planning for expansion even as passenger counts are declining. The Airport Authority says it wants to build a new south runway at a cost of $176,000,000.

Columbus Looks For Passenger Depot Site

10, 2009

The city of Columbus is scheduled to receive $16 million in federal stimulus money for mass transit projects. The money could be spent on a variety of things including the construction of a light rail passenger terminal. But that would still leave Columbus without a passenger depot for Governor Strickland’s planned rail corridor connecting Columbus with Cleveland and Cincinnati. Where would that train station be built? One spot could be transformed into a station fairly quickly.

Democratic Convention Has Ohio Flavor Today

26, 2008

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland today addresses the Democratic National Convention.

Many Things Lie Below The Surface of Columbus

22, 2008

City of Columbus officials are still tabulating the cost to repair the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Last week a broken water main flooded the building, lifting the floor. The old water main ran underneath the building, and city workers were not aware the pipe was there. WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz reminds us there are a lot of things hidden below the surface.

Convention center hosting convention one day after flood

Industrial floor dryers line the floor near the north entrance of the Greater Columbus Convention Center.
January 10, 2008

COnvention-goers have returned to the Greater Columbus Convention Center on North High Street, one day after the entire first floor was flooded by a water main break. The Longaberger Basket Company’s annual sales convention resumed this morning, as officials assessed damages and prepared to repair the building.

Convention center suffers damage after water main break

Crews tear up a downtown sidewwalk to access a broken water main in front of the Greater Columbus Convention Center
January 9, 2008

Engineers say The Greater Columbus Convention Center is “structurally sound” after a major water main break this morning. A 16-inch water main burst and flooded much of the first floor of the 400-thousand square foot building on North High Street. Crews suspect a faulty plate cause the break. Officials insist damage to the building is only aesthetic, but the future of at least one convention remains undecided.

Episcopalian Convention Kicks Off In Columbus

13, 2006

Between 8,000 and 10,000 Episcopalians are expected to be in Columbus over the next week to attend the church’s general convention. During that time a new Presiding Bishop will be elected, and topics such as consecrating gay bishops and reparations will be at hand.