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Auto Plants Work For Zero Waste To Landfills

19, 2010

Honda says by next year all of its North American manufacturing plants will be waste free. Other auto companies are following similar environmental sustainability.

Electricity Going Green at a High Price?

9, 2008

Ohio legislators are trying to answer what could be a multi-billion dollar question: should electric companies be ordered to get at least 25% of their power from so-called advanced sources by the year 2025 and what should those alternative sources be? The House committee held a session today that included some widely divergent views and a bit of guerilla theater.

Bristol Myers Squibb settles with Ohio, other states

28, 2007

Ohio is receiving more than 15 million dollars from a major drug company.

Former CIA Director Endorses Ohio Plan for Companies Doing Business with Iran

3, 2007

Former C-I-A Director James Woolsey was in Ohio today to endorse a proposal to force state government pension funds to sell off their stock in companies that do business in Iran. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.

A New Cancer Drug Increases Patients’ Financial Burdens

31, 2006

A treatment for colon cancer has undergone criticism lately for its prohibitive costs. The drug is up for FDA approval to treat two new cancers, which means more access to state-of-the-art medicine, and also more financial problems for cancer patients.