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Light Bulbs and Mercury… Can One Exist Without the Other?

8, 2009

In a few years it’ll be impossible to purchase incandescent light bulbs anywhere in the country. Congress voted last year to phase out the conventional light source to give way to the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent. But some question what’s inside these new bulbs, and whether they’re safe.

Ohio Approves Great Lakes Compact

10, 2008

Ohio lawmakers Tuesday moved to make thestate the sixth to approve an agreement aimed at protecting the Great Lakes.

OSU proposes 3% tuition hike

May 4, 2007

Officials at Ohio State University say they’re pleased with a House bill that increases state funding for higher education. It’s a variation of Governor Strickland’s universities compact proposal that exchanges higher amounts of state support for reduced tuition increases. But the bill has yet to pass the scrutiny of the Senate and governor.

Ohio State May Join Gov. Strickland’s Higher Ed Compact

6, 2007

A senior finance official at Ohio State Friday recommended the OSU Board of Trustees join Governor Strickland’s Compact for Higher Education. Members of the compact agree to hold the line on tuition hikes in exchange for increased state money.