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Paper Changes for County Commissioners

19, 2008

Franklin County Commissioners want county employees to use less paper and use recycled paper. The board of commissioners plans to expand it’s 2006 county-wide environmental policy. Officials hope to inspire others to do the same.

Commissioners award contract to union company despite lower bidder

Crews break ground on Huntington Park near the corner of Neil Ave. and Nationwide Blvd.
January 8, 2008

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners Tuesday voted not to award a large construction project to the lowest bidder. Instead, the contract for plumbing work on the Clippers’ new downtown ballpark went to an out-of-state unionized company. Commissioners cite concerns over safety violations and prevailing wage law violations, but the low-bidding company and other business leaders accuse the board of partisan politics.

Franklin County Commission Unveils New Courthouse Design

6, 2007

Franklin County courtrooms have long been due an overhaul. And county commissioners say the time is now. A design for a brand new courthouse was unveiled Wednesday. And the move-in date could be as early as 2010.

County Commission Tables Proposed Labor Agreement

20, 2006

Striking members of a Teamsters Local today picketed the Franklin County Courthouse and tried to drum up support for their position in a labor dispute with the Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency. Union and County leaders are scheduled to meet later this afternoon with a state mediator. Workers have been on strike since June 12th.

Franklin County Commissioners begin the process to build a new downtown baseball stadium.

15, 2005

Franklin County Commissioners announce the formation of action teams to find a downtown location for a new baseball stadium and to find ways to use the old stadium site in Franklinton. Commissioners want to have the new AAA baseball stadium built by no later than 2008.