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Mandated 12-week pregnancy plan is in jeopardy

30, 2007

A proposed new rule that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission approved, requiring most Ohio companies to offer 12 weeks of unpaid pregnancy and maternity leave to female workers, appears to be in trouble. Monday Dec. 3, a special government rule-review committee plans to look at the rule. And a co-chair of the panel says members could vote to invalidate it.

AEP Ohio Offers Green Energy Option

October 30, 2007

American Electric Power’s Ohio division wants customers to sign up for its optional Green Power Pricing program. By paying extra, consumers support the production of electricity from renewable, environmentally -friendly sources such as wind, methane and solar energy.

Franklin County Commission Marks A “First.”

3, 2007

Local, state, and federal governments all feature new faces this new year as a result of voter choices in November. At the Franklin County commission, President Paula Brooks took note of a “first” for any county in Ohio. An all women panel.

County commission passes ethics rules

1, 2005

State and federal ethics scandals prompted the Franklin County Commission to adopt some rules for its employees. And after several delays, the commission Tuesday approved the new ethics policy.