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Last Piece Of Columbus Commons ‘Puzzle’ Announced

The Two25 Commons building
25, 2015

A 17-story building known as Two25 Commons will be the final addition to the Columbus Commons downtown park.

Columbus Earns Soccer Reputation During World Cup

World Cup viewing parties have been popping up all over Columbus, which ranked second in total viewership in the U.S. during Sunday’s match against Portugal.
June 27, 2014

The avid soccer fans credit the city’s Major League Soccer team and a series of U.S. matches for building the local fan base.

Columbus Commons – A Wasteful Idea

Merry-go-round at Columbus Commons
The Columbus Commons opened in May 2011.
1, 2011

Every day you hear the cry from left of center pundits, “Tax the rich! Tax the rich!” Why? So that we can get more ice skating rinks with no ice skaters, downtown parks in a state that is mostly rural? Malls in places where people don’t want to shop?