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Ohio Beekeepers Seek Financial Aid From Congress

6, 2008

Honeybees that help pollinate Ohio’s fruits, crops, and vegetables are declining in numbers. So,beekeepers are looking to get some relief in the next Farm bill.

Columbus’ Feral Cats Sterilized, Returned to the “Wild”

One of an estimated 1 million Central Ohio feral or stray cats
January 30, 2007

Thousands of Central Ohioans routinely take care of stray cats and dogs. They volunteer at shelters, provide foster care in their homes, take food and water to feral animals. Then there are those who trap unadoptable strays, have them sterilized, and return them to the places they came from. It’s called TNR; Trap, Neuter, Return.

Stray Cats and Dogs Overwhelm Ohio Shelters

29, 2007

Experts say the number of stray cats and dogs in Central Ohio is overwhelming. There are no exact figures but stray cats outnumber dogs – as many as a million cats may roam the streets and alleys. The agencies who take in strays are overwhelmed themselves.