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Should Colleges Charge Higher Tuition For Tougher Majors?

Posted: April 26, 2012

More and more colleges are considering charging different tuition rates for different majors, arguing that science and math majors cost more to teach. Should colleges charge different tuition rates for different fields of study?

For-Profit Career Colleges Big Losers in Ohio Budget Proposal

22, 2009

The latest version of a new 54 billion dollar state budget has winners and losers.

Independent and Private Colleges: Students May Lose State Money

24, 2009

One third of students attending college in Ohio might soon find themselves scrambling to replace grants they’ve been receiving from the state

Ohio Sends Dollars with Students to Private Schools, Forgoes Review of Financial Needs

17, 2006

52 million state dollars went to Ohio students attending in-state private colleges last year. The Ohio Board of Regents distributed the college aid in nine-hundred-dollar chunks by way of the Ohio Student Choice Grant. The Board requires that every grant recipient be an Ohio resident attending one of the state’s 63 private colleges but does not require review of a family’s income.