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A New Approach To College Tuition

Other states, including Oregon and Washington, have similar programs to make college more affordable.
18, 2013

With tuition at Ohio colleges increasing sharply in recent years, a Statehouse Democrat is proposing something different: Offer free tuition at public universities and garnish a graduate’s future wages.

Chancellor University Shuttered After Years Of Financial Trouble

The closing follows a long period of accreditation and financial problems for the school.
9, 2013

The Northeast Ohio school began as Folsom’s Business College in 1848, boasting graduates such as John D. Rockefeller Sr. and Harvey Firestone.

An Era Ends At OSU

Gee became known for his outgoing personality and random appearances at campus events.
1, 2013

Ohio State University President Gordon Gee leaves the school’s top post Monday. The 69-year-old is known as a prolific fundraiser and leaves office after making off-color comments about Catholics, the Southeastern Conference, and others.

Parents, Students Look To Washington For Action On Student Loans

The GOP majority in the House supports a measure that ties the Stafford loan rate to the fluctuating yield of the ten year treasury note. That would raise the rate to about 5 percent at the July 1st deadline, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
June 24, 2013

College officials, students and parents are watching closely to see whether Congress takes action this week on federally subsidized college loans. The interest rate on subsidized Stafford loans is set to double when the current rate of 3.4 percent sunsets on July 1st.

Oberlin Cancels Classes After Latest On-Campus Incident

About 1,000 students gathered on campus for an afternoon rally, which featured songs from a marching band and an African dance ensemble.
5, 2013

The northeast Ohio college canceled classes Monday after the latest in a string of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay messages on campus.

Miami University Disciplines Students For Rape Flier

A student organization that works to prevent sexual assaults criticized university officials for not notifying students about the flier titled "The Top 10 Ways to Get Away with Rape."
October 23, 2012

The Oxford, Ohio college says it will discipline two male students responsible for putting an offensive flier about rape in a coed dorm bathroom.

Students Voice Frustration With Both Parties

President Obama easily won the younger demographic in 2008, but some left-leaning students say he hasn't done enough to secure their vote in 2012.
14, 2012

Many left-leaning students in Columbus for a national conference say President Obama hasn’t done enough to secure their vote in the fall election.

Commentary: Kasich Not Helping Ohio Tuition Increases

Ohio State University students in March protested tuition increases.
27, 2012

Ohio ranks second in the nation on a list of public universities with the highest tuition. WOSU commnentator Andrew Miller says Gov. John Kasich isn’t helping.

Ohio State Commits $50M To Financial Aid, Debt Continues To Grow

Ohio State University says it will give $50 million more in financial help to students for the next four years to help them pay for college.
9, 2012

A recent study says the cost of a college education has outpaced inflation for decades and more students are paying those costs with borrowed money. In the U.S., total student loan debt now tops $1 trillion and the average student debt is $25,000

Antioch Reopens With Hope, Concerns About Future

The picturesque Antioch College campus in Yellow Springs, about 60 miles west of Columbus.
4, 2011

The school closed its doors because of financial troubles three years ago. It’s resuming classes today, even without accreditation.