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Ohio Governor Creates Task ForceTo Examine College Costs

John Kasich
Ohio Governor John Kasich has called for a panel to look into ways to cut college tuition costs and improve efficiency.
10, 2015

A new state task force will examine how Ohio’s public colleges and universities can hold down costs and be more efficient.

More Ohio State Students And Workers Learn How To Prevent Suicide

ohio state counseling waiting room
Waiting room at Ohio State's counseling center.
6, 2015

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. Suicide prevention is the goal of a training program at Ohio State University called “Reach.”

College Degrees Bring More Debt, Higher Wages

The study says households with at least one college degree have more debt, but make about $17,000 more a year than households with only high school diplomas.
July 18, 2014

Chances are that if you’ve nailed a college degree to your wall recently, you’re also nailed with debt. But some new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland says degree earners are still better off in the long-term than those without a diploma.

Jim Tressel To Be Next President At Youngstown State

Jim Tressel
Jim Tressel
9, 2014

The university confirms on its Web site that trustees voted early Friday to name the former Ohio State University football coach to be YSU’s next president.

College Students Protest Tuition Increases

Universities say drops in enrollment and cuts in state aid make the tuition increases necessary.
28, 2014

Students across Ohio are protesting recent tuition increases enacted or proposed at eight of the state’s 14 public universities.

Gee Named Permanent President At WVU

Members of the West Virginia University Board of Governors wear Gee's signature bow tie in a recent photo.
3, 2014

The university’s Board of Governors named the 70-year-old Gee to take over the permanent job on Monday during an emergency meeting in Morgantown.

Colleges Change Tactics Amid Dearth Of Students

college changes
Northland High School guidance counselor Suzie Thompson said she thinks universities will be able to fill any gaps from the projected high school graduate shortage with non-traditional students.
18, 2013

Colleges and universities face a new challenge: fewer potential students. They’ve been told for years to brace for a decline in prospective students as the number of high school grads was expected to decline. WOSU talked with some industry experts to find out how they’ve prepared to compete for scholars.

Former Miami U. President Has Regrets About “College Arms Race”

James Garland increased Miami University's efforts to recruit out-of-state students, who pay much higher tuition.
December 12, 2013

James Garland increased Miami University’s efforts to recruit out-of-state students, who pay much higher tuition. The tactic quickly caught on with other public universities.

Advocates Want Comm. College Students Eligible For Grant

Community colleges around Ohio say their students are missing out on the Ohio College Opportunity Grant, or OCOG.
4, 2013

An association representing Ohio’s community colleges says the schools’ students are missing out on a key state grant.

Lawmakers, Immigrant Advocates Spar Over Tuition Bill

The bill would ban the state from offering in-state tuition prices to young immigrant living under temporary legal status in the U.S.
August 23, 2013

Many immigration activists are denouncing an effort to repeal a state policy that grants in-state tuition prices to some young immigrants.