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Ohio Man Killed in WV Coal Mine Accident

File photo
9, 2015

West Virginia officials are investigating a coal mine accident in Marshall County that killed a worker from Ohio.

AEP Ruling Could Color Future Utility Proposals In Ohio

An American Electric Power plant in Conesville, Ohio.
March 2, 2015

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio last week rejected a request from American Electric Power to have customers subsidize two coal plants. So what will it mean for future utility proposals in Ohio?

Columbus Launches Energy Saving Program

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says the program is voluntary, and administrators hope to get downtown building owners to participate.
19, 2014

The new program hopes to cut energy usage in commercial buildings by as much as 20 percent, with an extra emphasis on downtown buildings.

Coal Contributors Target Ohio GOP Legislators, Governor Kasich

An Associated Press review finds associates of top Ohio coal firms Boich Cos. and Murray Energy have directed nearly $170,000 to the GOP-dominated Ohio House and Senate since 2011.
24, 2013

Coal interests that a veteran Ohio environmental regulator says contributed to his forced resignation have donated about $50,000 to Republican Gov. John Kasich since he took office.

Ohio Power Plants Respond To New Regulations

The Painesville, Ohio, power plant recently turned 125 years old. It still burns coal to produce electricity, though operators expect to complement Painesville power production with wind and hydropower in the near future.
9, 2013

President Obama recently announced that he’s directing the E-P-A to crack down on air pollution from coal-powered utility plants. Many in the coal industry complained, but utility companies were generally more-muted in their reaction.

AEP To Pay $8.5 Million, Stop Burning Coal At Three Plants

AEP also agreed to produce at least 200 megawatts of power using wind or solar technology by 2015.
February 25, 2013

The changes are part of a revision to a 2007 settlement between AEP, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and several environmental groups.

“War On Coal” At Forefront In The Race For Ohio’s 6th District

The most common sign in eastern Ohio's 6th District doesn't mention either congressional candidate.
25, 2012

Anti-war slogans are everywhere in eastern Ohio this campaign season. “Stop the War on Coal” is one of the most common yard signs seen in Ohio’s sprawling 6th congressional district, a region at the center of the state’s shale oil and gas boom.

Progressive Group Files Complaint Over Romney Coal Mine Ads

Mitt Romney hosted the rally at a Beallsville, Ohio coal mine owned by Murray Energy
September 25, 2012

Progress Ohio has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission. It claims the owner of an eastern Ohio mine required workers to attend a Romney rally, which the complaint says amounts to a campaign donation.

Five Injured In Perry County Coal Mine Accident

The accident happened at the Buckingham Coal Company, located in southeast Ohio north of Athens.
September 19, 2012

The accident happened at the Buckingham Coal Company, about 55 miles southeast of Columbus in the area of the Wayne National Forest.

Miners Lost Day’s Pay For Romney Rally

Mitt Romney with voter
GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney greets a voter.
August 29, 2012

Some workers at a mine in Bealesville say they lost pay when the mine shut down for a day, and felt they would be fired if they skipped a Mitt Romney rally earlier this month.