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Century Old Columbus School Closes

4, 2010

After more than a century an East side Columbus public school shut its doors for good Thursday afternoon. Fair Avenue Alternative is one of 9 schools closing this year within the Columbus City Schools to save money and keep a levy promise.

Grandview residents “shocked” at local theatre’s closing

The Drexel Grandview theatre is set to close its door at the end of September. It's popular for its independent and foreign films.
September 4, 2008

It’s a dying breed – the single screen movie theater. They are disappearing fast, unable to compete with the fancy new multi-plexes with their digital surround sound and stadium seating with cup holders.The latest victim is the historical Drexel Grandview theatre. It is set to close at the end of the month. WOSU found neighbors shocked to hear their beloved movie house is closing its doors.

Columbus school board may close schools

26, 2005

During the mid-1970s enrollment in Columbus Public Schools was at its peak with more than 100,000 students. But today that number is only about 60,000 and may continue to decline. The system says new charter schools and private school vouchers are contributing to the decline. Now the board is facing the possibility of shutting down some schools.