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Columbus Police Officers Did Not Violate Policy In Shootout

A review panel finds seven Columbus Police officers adhered to department policy in a May 2013 shootout.
November 11, 2014

A review board has found that seven Columbus officers acted within police department policy during a shootout last year that left two suspects dead.

End of An Era: Clintonville’s Olympic Swim Club Closes For Good

The Dive Well at Clintonville's Olympic Swim Club
2, 2014

For 76 years neighbors have cooled off at the Olympic Swim Club. But now it’s closed for good. And generations of Clintonville residents are saddened by the shutdown.

City Inspectors Identify More Neighborhoods With Rat Problems

Columbus inspectors say they've found evidence of a rat problem in several neighborhoods around the city.
7, 2014

Rats became quite a problem in Clintonville during the last year. But with a few easy changes, the issue appears to be under control. City inspectors discovered Clintonville is not the only area with a rodent problem. WOSU reports on some other Columbus neighborhoods where rats are rife.

Clintonville Home To Largest Population Of Elderly In The County

Driver Ken Paro helps senior Edy Bowman board a bus for a trip to the grocery store.
25, 2014

The Clintonville neighborhood might be known for a somewhat Bohemian lifestyle. But there’s another facet worth noting. Clintonville has the largest population of seniors in Franklin County.

Columbus Launches Effort To Reduce Clintonville Health Hazard

Katlyn Brogan (center) walks with friend and relatives along High Street in Clintonville. She says she's surprised by findings of rat activity in a recent survey of 800 Clintonville properties.
23, 2013

In Clintonville, rats are a topic of sidewalk conversation after city survey shows evidence of large presence of the rodents.

Rats Invade Clintonville Neighborhood

Columbus Public Health Dept
A new study by the Columbus Public Health Department shows a widespread rat invasion in Clintonville.
19, 2013

Rats moving into Clintonville force residents to change some of their habits. A recent study by the Columbus Public Health Department shows a widespread rat invasion.

Police Identify Two People Killed In Clintonville Shootout

The Caribou Coffee on North High Street sustained damage during the shootout that killed two people and left two police officers with minor injuries from shattered glass.
May 16, 2013

Police say 24-year-old Emanuel Gatewood and 21-year-old Kourtney Hahn were shot to death by police outside a North High Street fire station.

Gunfire Rattles Clintonville

North High Crime scene
Columbus police hold scene of gunfire exchange in Clintonville. Seven officers fired weapons.
15, 2013

Columbus police continue to investigate this morning’s dramatic shoot-out in Clintonville. A murder suspect and a woman were killed; two police officers were hurt. The shooting sprayed bullets around the normally quiet neighborhood.

Suspect And Another Person Dead, Two Officers Injured In Shootout

North High Street coffee shop is part of crime scene while police investigate shootings. Two suspects, a man and woman, were killed in an exchange of gunfire with police before dawn on Wednesday.
15, 2013

Two homicide suspects are reported dead and a police officer is hospitalized after a predawn shootout in North Columbus.

New Store Becomes Resource For Urban Farmers

Pic 4
Shawn Fiegelist opened the City Folks Farm Shop last year after growing frustrated with a lack of farm supplies inside the city.
14, 2013

In cities around the country, residents are planting crops on rooftops, on abandoned elevated train tracks, in vacant lots and, of course, backyards. On Columbus’s north side, a new store has become a resource for urban farmers.