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Former Columbus Preacher Reflects On March On Washington

Graetz was a personal friend of Martin Luther King, Jr., and attended the March on Washington at King's urging.
August 28, 2013

A white preacher and civil rights activist who spent much of his life in Columbus, Robert Graetz traveled to the March on Washington in 1963 at the urging of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lawmakers Consider Adding Sexual Orientation To Civil Rights Act

Supporters say adding sexual orientation to the state's civil rights act would also bolster Ohio's economy.
28, 2011

Activists say it’s needed to add protection, but opponents say it’s a ploy to introduce gay marriage.

Can You Have an Honest Debate?

Posted: August 30, 2011

Have we become so entrenched, so fearful of offending someone, that we cannot debate important issues honestly?

King Lincoln – A Neighborhood Rich in Diversity, History

King-Lincoln District, Tippie Dyer Orchestra
19, 2011

WOSU-TV airs the third documentary in its series – Columbus Neighborhoods. Tonight’s film tells the story of The King-Lincoln neighborhood, just east of downtown. WOSU commentator and local historian Ed Lentz looks back on the neighborhood which has been the center of African American culture in Columbus