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Jury Awards $170K To Fired Catholic School Teacher

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4, 2013

The jury found the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati violated anti-discrimination law when it fired Christa Dias after she became pregnant via artificial insemination.

Conservatives Protest Ohio Dems, IRS

A "Don't Tread On Me" flag flies above an Ohio flag at a Cincinnati Tea Party protest on Tuesday.
22, 2013

Protesters turned out in Columbus and Cincinnati on Tuesday to criticize Democrats and the Internal Revenue Service.

Cincinnati Marathon Reviewing Security Procedures

The race's executive director, Iris Simpson-Bush, says the race already has extensive security and medical response plans in place, but officials will consider whether additional measures are needed.
16, 2013

Organizers of Cincinnati’s upcoming Flying Pig Marathon plan are reviewing security measures in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon explosions.

Final Casino Approved By Ohio Voters Opens

The casino will open Monday night after more than two years of construction. It's the last of four casinos in Ohio approved by voters in 2009.
5, 2013

Thousands of die-hard gamblers and curious locals poured into a new casino in downtown Cincinnati after a grand opening featuring a fireworks display set to Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys.

Ohio Charity Changes Lives With Customized Products

A boy uses his new cart that holds his mobile speech device.
January 2, 2013

An Ohio charity named “May We Help” helps the disabled by customizing the devices and equipment they use most.

Presidential Candidates Make Final Case In Columbus

President Obama hosts a 4 p.m. event at Nationwide Arena, while Mitt Romney has an evening rally at Port Columbus.
November 5, 2012

President Obama hosts an afternoon rally inside Nationwide Arena alongside musicians Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen, while Mitt Romney has an evening rally at a business near Port Columbus.

Obama Coming To Central Ohio; Romney Hosting Rally In Cincinnati

President Obama and Mitt Romney will be back in Ohio on the Friday before the election trying to sway voters in the key battleground state.
October 31, 2012

President Barack Obama is resuming his storm-delayed chase to win Ohio with help from former President Bill Clinton, while Republicans are putting together a huge rally for Friday evening.

In Cincinnati Mitt Romney Promotes Agenda For ‘Winning Season’

Mitt Romney with voter
GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney greets a voter.
September 1, 2012

Mitt Romney is promoting an agenda that he says will bring “a winning season” back to the country.

Portman To Deliver Eulogy For Armstrong

U.S. Senator describes Neil Armstrong as a "good friend and adviser."
August 27, 2012

A funeral service for astronaut and Ohio native Neil Armstrong has been scheduled for Friday, with U.S. Senator Rob Portman set to deliver the eulogy.

President Returns To Ohio

President Obama campaigned in Cincinnati in September, 2011.
16, 2012

President Obama will campaign in southwest Ohio on Monday. He’s expected to use the event to tout jobs saved by the U.S. auto bailout.