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OSU And Children’s Get Millions For Biomedical Research

31, 2009

Ohio State and Children’s Hospital combined will receive more than $4 million in recently announced federal stimulus money. The funds are designated for biomedical research.

City Of Columbus Reenacts Curfew

11, 2009

Tonight, the City of Columbus begins enforcing its curfew. Last year, about 60 teens were picked up for violating the city’s curfew ordinance. This year, there are a few changes. WOSU’s Kim Fox reports.

CEO of Children’s Hunger Alliance Announces Retirement

11, 2008

After more than a dozen years at the helm of a statewide program to feed children in need, Bill Dolan has announced he will retire in March.

Computer Glitch Risk’s Children’s Safety

15, 2007

Computer systems experts today are working with county children’s services agencies to eliminate glitches in a critical data-sharing program. At stake: the safety of thousands of abused or neglected children.

Columbus Organizations Work To Resolve Discrimination Complaints

13, 2007

Franklin County Children’s Services investigates 12,000 child abuse or neglect complaints each year. But, in some cases, the abuse and neglect investigations prompt additional allegations of civil rights abuses. So, Children’s Services is now working with the Columbus chapter of the N-double-A-C-P to resolve those disputes.

“Domino” heart transplant recipient dies at Columbus Children’s Hospital

Jason Wolfe
July 24, 2007

Last January two central Ohio babies became the youngest in the world to undergo a heart “domino” transplant. It’s a transplant where organs from one patient are transplanted to another patient, and then organs from the second patient are transplanted to a third. But on Monday one of the patients died after an extended hospital stay.

Area youngsters look to babysitting for summer income.

25, 2007

Depending on their experience, young people can earn anywhere from three to fifteen dollars watching other people’s children.

Childrens Services workers go on strike

18, 2005

Franklin county social workers are on strike after failing to reach a new contract agreement with the county. The two sides remain committed to their positions. The pickets went up at 7:00 in the morning as some 500 case workers and other children services employees walked off the job.

Children’s Services union votes to strike May 18th

5, 2005

Unionized workers at Franklin County Children Services have authorized a strike if the union fails to reach an agreement management. The union has rejected a state fact-finder’s report which was requested after a breakdown in contract negotiations.