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Grandfather of Three Fire Victims to be Laid to Rest with Children

22, 2010

An Ohio family grieving the loss of three children in a mobile home fire is faced with more tragedy. Another family member died in a car accident on their way to help plan the children’s funerals.

Study: More Mental Health Issues Among Children Of Deployed Parents

November 23, 2010

While the war in Iraq is winding down, the mission is Afghanistan continues. And that means U.S. troops continue to be called up for duty. Long and repeated deployments are tough on families. WOSU gives a look at how children are affected when their parents go overseas.

Ohio Will Step Up Efforts to Enroll Eligible Children in Medicaid Health Insurance

12, 2010

Ohio has accepted a federal challenge to obtain health care coverage for uninsured children.

Parents With Mentally Ill Children Struggle to Get Care

4, 2010

Ask Ohioans what matters most to them and the word “family” is likely to be at the top of the list. But for parents of mentally ill children, holding a family together can sometimes be a daunting challenge. In the second of her two part series on the state of mental health in Ohio, Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports there are times when those parents must make hard choices just to get their children the help they need. Click the play button to hear the story.

Children Services looks to replace expiring funds

20, 2009

Officials with Franklin County Children Services on Thursday continued their push to convince voters to approve a levy issue on the fall ballot. WOSU’s Steve Brown reports.

Children’s Hospital Reports Several Isolations Related to Swine Flu

30, 2009

Children’s Hospital said several young people have been placed in respiratory isolation due to the recent outbreak of swine flu. Children’s Chief of Emergency Medicine Lesie Mihalove spoke with WOSU’s Mandie Trimble.

OSU Video Project Helps Children Cope With Parent’s Cancer

March 23, 2009

When cancer strikes a father or mother, a child might become frightened and confused. If the parent dies, it might take years for a child to recover from the loss. A program at Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital has been helping children work through the process of understanding cancer, death and grief.

Violence Should Not Be The Norm for Children

24, 2008

The holiday movie season has arrived. The television networks are launching new seasons of their series. Videogame makers have updated popular games for the holidays. Too often, says WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez, the images from this entertainment are violent.

Caring for Children is a Concern of Everyone

8, 2008

The US Census Bureau says nearly 30 percent of Columbus children live in poverty. WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez says that number should worry all of us, not just the families caring for those children.

How Are the Children? – A Question We Should Ask

30, 2008

This time of year, people with children often ask, or are asked the question : “What are the kids doing this summer?” WOSU commentator Elizabeth Martinez says we should ask another question.