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Central Ohio Man Charged In Death Of 3-Year-Old Girl

Tyson Reliford
24 year old Tyson Reliford faces murder charges in the death of a 3 year old girl.
10, 2015

Police in central Ohio say a 3-year-old child has died and the man who was caring for her is charged with murder.

Infant Dies In Hilltop Fire

File photo
3, 2014

A makeshift memorial has appeared in front of the west Columbus home where Catherine Neese was killed Sunday afternoon.

Toddler Killed After Motorized Bike Pulled Into Street

The accident happened on Taylor Ave. between E. 5th Ave. and Interstate 670.
10, 2012

Columbus police say a toddler was killed and two more children were seriously hurt late Wednesday when the motorized bike they were riding pulled out of an alley into a street.

Should Women Have To Hear Fetal Heartbeat Before Having Abortion?

Posted: October 13, 2011

Some anti-abortion activists propose a law that would require abortion providers to make the heartbeat of an unborn child visible and audible to its mother as part of her informed consent. Should women be required to see a fetus and hear a fetal heartbeat before having an abortion?

50 Percent of Franklin County Parents Behind on Child Support

2, 2010

With Ohio unemployment still at nearly 10 percent and job growth slow at best, the bills are piling up for those looking for work. For some, a big bill is their child support payment. And as the economy struggles many struggle to make the payments. WOSU reports judges and county officials are showing leniency for those truly facing hard times.

Hilliard Boy Dead After Struck By Car

14, 2010

A Hilliard City Schools student was killed Tuesday morning on Scioto Darby Road.

Columbus Police: Drug Overdose of Child is a Homicide

17, 2010

Columbus police are investigating as a homicide the death of a four year old child who had a lethal level of drugs in his system.

Five-Year-Old Franklin County Boy Who Died Had Swine Flu

3, 2009

A second Columbus area child has died after being infected with the H1N1 flu virus.

Hilliard Middle School Teacher Faces Federal Charges of Child Pornography

20, 2009

A teacher and the boys basketball coach at Weaver Middle School in Hilliard is facing two federal charges for allegedly possessing and distributing child pornography.

Child Care Facilities Not Immune to Economic Woes

9, 2008

We’ve heard how the weakening economy has led to tens of thousands of layoffs in Ohio. Those layoffs have a trickle down effect. One industry directly affected when a parent loses a job is the child care industry. WOSU found central Ohio day care centers are getting creative with adults, trying to ride out the recession.