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Politicians Harness ‘Power of the Web’

31, 2007

Many credit Howard Dean’s rise in the 2004 Democratic primaries to his campaign’s innovative use of the Internet. Now all the leading candidates are trying to harness the power of the web to get their message out, including Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Charles Davis reports from Capitol Hill.

Ney Remains Popular Despite Investigation

6, 2006

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff on Tuesday pleaded guilty to trying to bribe Ohio Congressman Bob Ney with, among other things, a trip to Scotland. Also on Tuesday the head of the state Democratic Party called on Ney to resign his committee chairmanship. In spite of growing negative publicity, WOSU’s Sam Hendren reports Ney remains popular in his eastern Ohio district.

Attorneys Have More Questions for Potential Jurors in “Highway Shooter ” Case.

15, 2005

About three dozen potential jurors in the “Highway Shooter” case have cleared the first round of questioning. Prosecution and defense teams are working to seat a jury to determine the fate of suspect Charles McCoy.