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GOP’s Jeb Bush To Speak At Ohio Chamber Of Commerce Meeting

Jeb Bush
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is scheduled to speak in Columbus at the state Chamber of Commerce meeting in April.
13, 2015

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is scheduled to make a spring visit to swing state Ohio to speak to the state’s Chamber of Commerce.

Columbus Business Group Seeks Ways To Boost Employment

23, 2011

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce seeks job growth among region’s existing businesses, helps form non-profit to boost area’s exports.

Report: Moderate Job Growth In Columbus For 2011

6, 2011

A new economic snapshot shows net job growth in Central Ohio in 2011. But, a top economist likens the region’s jobs picture to a puzzle.

Ohio Gains Jobs To Put Small Dent In Unemployment.

24, 2010

Figures from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services indicate job growth is accelerating. Ohio added 37,000 jobs last month, more than any other state. But, job counselor says many jobless growing desperate.

Rep. Kilroy Hosts Small Business Roundtable

28, 2010

15th District Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy Thursday talked job creation with a group of small business leaders at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Kilroy, a Democrat, says she wants to ensure that small businesses have the tools they need to be successful. But a spokesman for the Republican Party is skeptical.

Cap And Trade Bill Criticized At Columbus Event

23, 2009

A critic of so-called federal cap and trade climate legislation says it would cost Ohio 108,000 jobs. The head of a U.S. Chamber of Commerce energy think tank also told a Columbus audience electricity prices would rise 60 percent if the bill becomes law.

Columbus Businesses Prepare For “Rough Months” Ahead.

25, 2009

Against the backdrop of a contracting regional economy an estimated 1,100 Central Ohio business women and men turned out for an economic pep talk courtesy of the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce.

Coleman chief of staff to lead Chamber of Commerce

15, 2003

The Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce has a new president. It’s Ty marsh, who currently serves as Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman’s chief of staff. Chamber executives cited Marsh’s knowledge of the community and the chamber of commerce as well as his economic development experience.