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Benefit or Burden: The Impact of Rising Health Insurance on Non Profits

Staff at the Godman Guild have brightened people's lives on Columbus' Near North Side for 109 years
October 19, 2007

When Henry Godman’s workers were turning out thousands of pairs of shoes in a downtown factory, the Columbus businessman did not have to worry about calculating health insurance benefits because there weren’t any. That business from the late 1800s is long gone, but the Godman Guild, a social services agency, has about 2 dozen workers who do receive health care as part of their benefits package. The Guild was recently hit with a steep and unexpected 23 percent health insurance increase.

Popularity of alt water swimming pools growing in Central Ohio

September 10, 2007

Once popular only in Australia, salt water swimming pools are now the choice of Central Ohioans too.

Lack of Funding Closes Native American Center

27, 2007

A center in Columbus that provides food, clothing and health services to Native Americans is closed for financial reasons. And the executive director is not sure when the center will have enough money to reopen.

Home building on the decline; Recent boom partly to blame

19, 2007

Between 2001 and 2003, records were set for housing starts in Central Ohio. But now the number of housing permits is declining, and quite drastically. And a local expert says spec homes built during the recent housing boon are partly to blame.

“Miss Buckeye” Restored and Ready For Concert

5, 2006

“Miss Buckeye” entertained thousands of Central Ohioans during the 1920′s and 1930′s when she played the Palace Theatre on West Broad Street. With the help of some friends and some tax deductible donations, the Mighty Wurlitzer Style 260 Theatre Pipe Organ has been mostly restored. Her new home is the Thomas Worthington High School Auditorium and next week “Miss Buckeye” will be ready to entertain a new generation of fans.