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Is Technology Too Ubiquitous?

26, 2008

A new study indicates that texting – the art of punching truncated words into a cell phone – can actually improve children’s literacy. A British professor says texting encourages kids to use their imaginations to come up with creative abbreviations. WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez, says new technology might encourage some creativity.. but it can stifle social interaction.

OSU researchers want to use cell phones to encourage exercise

7, 2008

Ohio State University researchers are trying to use cell phones to gently nag older women into exercising. Researchers are recruiting women to take part in a 12 week long study that will send the women automated cell phone reminders to exercise. OSU communications professor Prabu David leads the study. He says this is a great time of year to begin research like this because of new year’s resolutions. Click the icon to hear the interview.

Lawmakers plan to keep 911 cell phone fee

12, 2007

Cell phone users in ohio currently pay 32 cents a month on each line they own for emergency 911 service. That charge was approved by lawmakers years ago when counties were trying to create wireless emergency service in Ohio. But the fee was not meant to be permanent. It is set to expire at the end of 2008 and there’s now a move underway to keep that fee in place into 2009 and beyond.

New cell phone charge aims to improve customer safety

12, 2005

State regulators gave SBC a green light to bill its cell phone customers an additional 32 cents per month beginning in August. But, a local county sheriff says it’s a small price to pay for personal safety. WOSU’s Tom Borgerding reports.

In Columbus speech, Kerry promotes science

21, 2004

John Kerry says President Bush has “turned his back” on science and innovation that could mean better lives and jobs for millions of Americans.