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Four Capital University Students Robbed At Gunpoint On Campus

Capital University sign
Four Capital University students were robbed at gunpoint Tuesday morning on campus.
24, 2015

Four Capital University students were robbed at gunpoint this morning on the Bexley campus.

Fewer Law School Applicants Due To Lack Of Jobs, High Tuition

Capital law school
Capital University has been receiving less applicants over the last couple of years, following a national trend.
August 26, 2013

As students return to class, there are fewer law students in the lecture halls. Law schools across the country report close to a 20 percent drop in the number of applicants this fall. The lingering recession, staffing cuts at law firms, and the rising cost of a law degree get the blame for the decline.

The Record Of Women On Death Row In Ohio

30, 2010

Ohio is set to execute a 9th convicted man in November. That would be the most in the state since executions resumed in 1999. In all, 40 men have been given lethal injections during the past 11 years. But, Ohio has not executed a woman since 1954.

Columbus’ Capital Improvements Budget Gets 130 Percent Increase

8, 2010

After a couple lean years, the city of Columbus plans to spent more money this year on capital projects – things like road repairs and new fire trucks. WOSU reports, the new spending is thanks to new tax money approved by voters last summer.

Columbus Police Officers Approve Contract Agreement

8, 2009

Columbus police officers have voted to accept a fact finder’s recommendations concerning their salary and benefits for the next three years.

Central Ohio Nursing Schools Flood Local Job Market

8, 2009

Health officials say that there are three million nurses in the United States. But they also continue to warn that there’s a nursing shortage. They say the number of jobs going unfilled will grow dramatically in the next 15 years. But in Central Ohio, that doesn’t seem to be the case – at least not yet.

Variety of Funds Will Pay for Streetcars

The proposed streetcar system would feature vehicles in scarlet and gray -- to the delight of OSU president Gordon Gee.
March 28, 2008

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman promised there would be no sales, property or city income tax increases to support his proposed streetcar system. Thursday night at city hall he released funding details for where the money will come from.

Proposed capital gains tax sparks controversy

5, 2006

Republicans who dominate the Ohio legislature are gearing up to pass a plan, cutting the state tax on capitol gains. They say Ohioans are paying too much in taxes ..after they make a profit on the sale of houses, businesses, or stocks. Minority Democrats, though, are opposing the tax cut plan.