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Birth control pills linked to increased breast cancer risk

5, 2007

Researchers across the country have revisited studies about the effects of oral contraception. They looked at young women who started taking birth control pills at a young age and continued to take them for years. Ohio State University oncologist Dr. Bhuvaneswari Ramaswamy said research shows an increased risk for breast cancer. Click on the icon to listen to the interview.

A New Cancer Drug Increases Patients’ Financial Burdens

31, 2006

A treatment for colon cancer has undergone criticism lately for its prohibitive costs. The drug is up for FDA approval to treat two new cancers, which means more access to state-of-the-art medicine, and also more financial problems for cancer patients.

Volunteer musicians help ease suffering at James Cancer Hospital

18, 2005

It’s been said often that music soothes the soul. To someone suffering from cancer, music can do much more . It can ease suffering. At the Ohio State University’ James Cancer Hospital some three dozen volunteer musicians do just that.

National panel on cancer visits Columbus

27, 2004

A national panel on Cancer treatments and prevention stopped in Columbus to gather testimony from physicians and pharmaceutical researchers. The President’s Cancer Panel is looking for more effective treatments of all kinds of cancer.

OSU study indicates psychological counseling helps breast cancer patients

1, 2004

A new study conducted by OSU researchers says regular psychological counseling for breast cancer patients can mean healthier diets, reduced smoking and a stronger immune system.

OSU Medical Center receives $8-million cancer grant

30, 2003

Governor Taft annouced Wednesday that Ohio State University will receive an $8-million grant to try to find new ways to prevent and treat lung cancer. The award is part of the state’s Third Frontier initiative.