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US Senator Wants More Access To Clinical Trials.

30, 2009

When cancer treatments fail, patients can turn to clinical trials as a last hope for a cure or remission. However, many insurance companies do not cover either the clinical trials or the routine care costs that can accompany them. US Senator Sherrod Brown has introduced a bill which he hopes will expand access to clinical trials.

OSU Video Project Helps Children Cope With Parent’s Cancer

March 23, 2009

When cancer strikes a father or mother, a child might become frightened and confused. If the parent dies, it might take years for a child to recover from the loss. A program at Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital has been helping children work through the process of understanding cancer, death and grief.

Researchers Optimistic About Cancer Funding.

26, 2009

Cancer researchers in Columbus are monitoring stimulus spending in Washington. They hope the federal government will help make up for recession-driven losses in private donations. Despite the dire economic news, cancer researchers are optimistic – at least in the short term.

In Ohio, Candidate McCain Talks Health Care

25, 2008

Cancer survivor and multiple Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong is holding a Live-strong Summit in Columbus. The event began last night with Armstrong hosting a presidential town hall meeting on cancer. Republican candidate John McCain attended the meeting. Democrat Barack Obama did not because he’s traveling in Europe.

New Bill for Cancer Patients

5, 2008

At Ohio State alone, there are more than 200 clinical trials for cancer patients. At least 20-percent of patients who attempt to enroll in those programs face problems with their insurance companies.

Internal disputes slow OSU Med Center expansion

31, 2007

A consultants’ report commissioned by Ohio State says fighting among physicians could jeopardize the OSU Medical Center and the James Cancer Center. The internal rifts have slowed the most expensive project in university history, the $780 million expansion of the medical center.

Honk if you love research: Classic car donation funds cancer studies

Richard Solove in his 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom-- his first classic car and the only one he will keep. He donated his unique assembly of Silver Ghosts to the James Cancer Hospital.
August 9, 2007

A Columbus philanthropist donates to Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital, but not merely in dollars. In August, a unique collection of classic Rolls Royce cars will be auctioned to benefit cancer research.

Study measures cancer risk from cardiac CT scans

17, 2007

Doctors often order a cardiac CT scan to determine whether patients are at risk for heart attack. While early detection of arterial blockage can save lives, CT scans also expose patients to X-ray radiation. The radiation itself bears some risk of cancer. A new study by doctors at Ohio State University and Mount Sinai Medical Center found a way to measure that risk.

State legislators unveil bill that could help cancer patients

12, 2007

In many cases cancer patients can not afford to take part in clinical trials. That’s because most insurance companies won’t cover the bills. Over the past decade about 20 states have passed laws requiring insurers to cover the costs. Tuesday, Ohio lawmakers unveiled a bill that would ensure clinical trial coverage for Ohioans.

Ohio joins vaccine debate

23, 2007

Ohio is the latest state to join the controversy over mandating a new cervical cancer vaccine.