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Relative: Ohio Amish Girl In Chemo Case Doing Well

Scales of Justice
An Ohio Amish girl's family remains in hiding as a legal case continues over whether the child she be forced to take chemotherapy treatments.
29, 2013

An Ohio Amish girl diagnosed with leukemia continues natural treatments while hiding with her parents amid a legal case over whether she’ll be forced to continue chemotherapy.

Vegetable Garden Provides Hope For Cancer Patients

Hana Mattan in the Garden of Hope
Cancer patient Hana Mattan picks onions in the OSU Garden of Hope.
20, 2013

Undergoing cancer treatment is mentally and physically exhausting, and doctors are always searching for ways to make life easier for their patients. At Ohio State University, some patients are turning to gardening.

Families In Ohio Cancer Cluster Suing Whirlpool

good whirlpool logo
A group of Ohio families is suing Whirlpool Corp., of Michigan for allegedly created chemical compounds that caused Ohio children to become ill with cancer.
May 15, 2013

Families whose children have been among dozens sickened in an Ohio cancer cluster are hoping they have pinpointed a cause for the illnesses.

Cancer Drugs Shows “Unprecedented” Ability To Treat Alzheimer’s

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University say bexarotene, a drug normally used to treat lymphoma, has shown promise removing proteins associated with Alzheimer's.
10, 2012

Researchers say a drug already approved to treat lymphoma has shown an ability to remove the plague associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Franklin County Sheriff Treated For Cancer

26, 2011

A longtime Franklin County law enforcement officer is undergoing cancer treatments. The Franklin county sheriff’s office has confirmed that Sheriff Jim Karnes is being treated for pancreatic cancer.

Cleveland Clinic Researchers Closer To Breast Cancer Vaccine

2, 2010

Researchers could be on the cusp of a major breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer. A group of researchers in Cleveland say they are one step closer to developing a vaccine for breast cancer.

Ohio Physicians Push for Insurance Coverage of Colon Cancer Screenings

10, 2010

Ohio physicians are calling on state legislators to pass a new law that would require health insurance policies to cover the cost of colon cancer screenings.

Columbus Hosts Latino Cancer Summit

18, 2009

The first Latino cancer summit was held Thursday in Columbus. Attendees heard from the former president of the American Cancer Society who called for a shift in the cancer treatment paradigm.

US Senator Wants More Access To Clinical Trials.

30, 2009

When cancer treatments fail, patients can turn to clinical trials as a last hope for a cure or remission. However, many insurance companies do not cover either the clinical trials or the routine care costs that can accompany them. US Senator Sherrod Brown has introduced a bill which he hopes will expand access to clinical trials.

OSU Video Project Helps Children Cope With Parent’s Cancer

March 23, 2009

When cancer strikes a father or mother, a child might become frightened and confused. If the parent dies, it might take years for a child to recover from the loss. A program at Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital has been helping children work through the process of understanding cancer, death and grief.