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Delaware County Candidate Arrested

6, 2012

Police say Rick Gemienhardt, a candidate for the county’s Republican Party Central Committee, took campaign literature his opponent had placed at several homes and threw it away.

Vice President Joe Biden Returns To Central Ohio

joe biden
Vice President Joe Biden.
February 9, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden is making a second visit to Ohio in less than a month. The Democrat is scheduled to speak Thursday at the Ohio Newspaper Association’s convention in Columbus.

Romney Tops GOP Straw Poll In Conservative SW Ohio

Mitt Romney with voter
GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney greets a voter.
January 29, 2012

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has won a straw poll of GOP voters in southwest Ohio, a conservative corner of the battleground state.

Ohio Primary Changes Could Shape The Future Of Campaigning

Ohio GOP chairman Kevin DeWine says changes how the party sends delegates to the national convention will bring more GOP candidates to Ohio.
October 7, 2011

The state GOP says changing how it sends delegates to the national convention will attract more candidates to the Buckeye State.

Presidential Candidates Court Ohio Voters

27, 2008

With polls showing the race in Ohio is close and swinging to Democrat Barack Obama, Republican John McCain started the final full week of the 2008 campaign in the Buckeye State. McCain rallied in Lancaster southeast of Columbus before heading to Northeast Ohio today.

Abandoned Sick Leave Campaign was Costly

5, 2008

Some Ohio labor unions, anti-poverty groups, and others Thursday dropped their campaign for a ballot issue that would require many Ohio businesses to offer workers at least seven paid sick leave days a year.

Ohio Moves into Political Spotlight Friday

27, 2008

Barack Obama, will embark on a bus tour of battleground states Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan later this week after Obamareceives the Democratic presidential nomination. John McCain returns to Ohio for a rally Friday.

Religious Activists Vow to Keep “Sleaze” Out of Political Ads

17, 2008

Political TV commercials are the bread-and-butter of election year campaigning. Many people often complain that the ads are too negative, untrue, and downright sleazy.

Some religious activists here in Ohio are beginning to rate the 30-second campaign ads to try to discourage candidates from going too far.

Judge Strikes Down Ohio Law for Second Time

18, 2008

A judge has struck down a law that limitsthe amount contractors can give to the political campaigns of officials with whom they do business.

Obama Speaks at Ohio State

27, 2008

Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are back on the Ohio campaign trail today. Obama is speaking to a rally this hour on Ohio State’s campus. New York Senator Hillary Clinton is taking her campaign to Appalachian Ohio today. She has scheduled appearances today in Zanesville and Saint Clairsville. Candidate spouses, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama will make campaign stops in Ohio during the next three days.