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Cuyahoga County Seeks Grant For Deputy Body Cameras

police body camera_los angeles
Cuyahoga County officials apply for grant to purchase body cameras for deputies.
24, 2015

Ohio’s most populous county is applying for hundreds of thousands of dollars from the federal government to pay for body cameras for its sheriff’s deputies.

Ohio Supreme Court To Hear Traffic Cameras Case

red light camera
The Ohio Supreme Court hears arguments this week about traffic cameras.
9, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear arguments this week about traffic cameras, though that doesn’t signal a stop yet to the growing legal challenges to their use in ticketing motorists for running red lights or speeding.

Columbus Looks to Expand Use of Red Light Cameras

7, 2010

After collecting more than $2 million over four years, Council looks to more than double the number of cameras at city intersections.

Columbus Crime Cameras Coming Soon

8, 2010

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman announced that five neighborhoods will soon be equipped with video surveillance.

Red Light Cameras Get Support

22, 2010

Supporters and Opponents of red-light cameras in Columbus voiced their concerns last night at a hearing on a proposal to expand the photo red light system.

Columbus Gives A Red Light To Speeding Cameras

19, 2010

Despite protests some cities have retrofitted their red light cameras to catch speeders. Dayton is considering the “upgrade”. WOSU reports on whether Columbus is likely to do the same.

Researchers, police split over red light cameras

20, 2008

Red light cameras have caused controversy in Columbus since they first arrived at some city intersections two years ago. Many drivers say the cameras are intrusive and unnecessary. Police insist they cut down on red-light running and accidents at problematic intersections. Researchers at the University of South Florida recently finished a study they say contradicts many police claims.

OhioTraffic Cameras Will Stay

January 31, 2008

In a unanimous decision today, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the use of red-light cameras to ticket motorists does not violate the state’s constitution.

Ohio Supreme Court Considers Akron Traffic Cameras

18, 2007

Traffic cameras operate in Columbus and many other cities including Cleveland and Dayton.

Police praise red-light cameras while opponnents remain critical

28, 2006

The Columbus Police Department says cameras at two city intersections have already caught “well over a thousand” red light runners. Plans call for 13 city intersections to be red-light camera equipped before the end of spring. That could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue for the city and millions of dollars for the Arizona-based company Redflex.