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Weak Employment Situation – Who Do You Blame?

Posted: September 2, 2011

The August unemployment rate stands at 9.1%. The Labor Department says there was no net growth in jobs last month. Who do you blame for the weak jobs market? President Obama? Congress? Businesses?

Is Your Property Valuation Too High? Too Low? Just Right?

Posted: September 1, 2011

More than 300 Central Ohio property owners showed up yesterday to begin the process of contesting the Franklin County Auditor’s valuation of their homes. Most homes in Franklin County lost value, but 20% saw an increase. What do you think of your home’s valuation?

Lawmakers, Liberal Group Re-File JobsOhio Suit

Governor John Kasich meets with members of the JobsOhio
30, 2011

Two Democratic state lawmakers and a liberal policy group are re-filing a lawsuit against the private job-creation board JobsOhio. The suit challenges the law championed by Republican Gov. John Kasich creating an appointed, nine-member board to handle economic development deals.

Will Apple Survive Without Steve Jobs?

Posted: August 25, 2011

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Wednesday he is stepping down as CEO of the pioneering computer company. Will Apple survive without the man who developed the iPhone and iPad?

Gas Leak Forces Westerville Evacuations

Gas Leak
30, 2011

Several businesses in Westerville had to be evacuated this morning after road crews ruptured a gas line.

Regulatory Burdens – Two Firms Try to Cope

31, 2011

Political leaders in Ohio and across the country complain that government regulations are preventing many businesses from expanding. Ohio Governor John Kasich says Ohio has one of the toughest business environments.

OSU Doctoral Student Helps Haiti through Business

November 10, 2010

Ohio State University Doctoral candidate Chris Sutter has traveled the world in an effort to alleviate poverty through sound business practices.

Rep. Kilroy Hosts Small Business Roundtable

28, 2010

15th District Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy Thursday talked job creation with a group of small business leaders at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Kilroy, a Democrat, says she wants to ensure that small businesses have the tools they need to be successful. But a spokesman for the Republican Party is skeptical.

Affordable workspace options for small business owners and freelancers in Columbus

12, 2009

With thousands of people losing their jobs, some are looking at other revenue streams like freelancing. But working from home can be a bit of a distraction. Enter collaborative coworking.

NetJets Stays in Columbus

12, 2008

NetJets, the world’s largest private jet company, announced today it will make Columbus the site for a major expansion. Officials say the move will create at least 810 new jobs and build the largest flight safety facility in the world.