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Does Ohio Have Enough Oversight Of Booster Clubs?

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says the state has increased oversight of booster clubs, including making a club file a report with the attorney general's office if the club has more than $25,000 in assets
May 27, 2014

Two Mansfield boosters are headed to prison after pleading guilty to stealing tens of thousands of dollars. With that case in mind, WOSU’s sports podcast After the Score asked Ohio Attorney General MIke DeWine if the state has enough oversight of booster clubs.

What Will A NCAA ‘Failure to Monitor’ Charge Mean for OSU?

Posted: November 11, 2011

The NCAA charged the OSU football program with failing to monitor a booster’s relationship with players. ‘Failure to monitor” is the NCAA’s second most serious violation. What do you think it means for the OSU football program?

Mandatory Child Booster Seats Passed by Legislature

18, 2008

Ohio drivers who don’t put their children – ages 4 to 8 – into special booster seats before they’re buckled up could soon face traffic tickets.

Ohio House Wants Children Ages 4 to 8 in Booster Seats

1, 2008

If state representatives get their way, Ohio drivers could soon be fined if they fail to place children, ages 4 to 8, into booster seats, before they’re strapped into safety belts.

Calls for New Ohio Law to Require Booster Seats for Older Children

26, 2007

For many years, Ohio has had a law requiring parents to buckle their children younger than age 4 into special car safety seats.