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Lawmaker Pushes Red Light Camera Bill…Again

Traffic cameras have brought in tens of millions of dollars for Ohio cities. Public safety officials say the main goal of the cameras is public safety; critics call them a revenue generator.
22, 2014

A Republican Ohio Senator has proposed what cities say amounts to a ban on red light cameras, which have generated tens of millions of dollars for local municipalities.

Political Junkie Road Show Photo Slideshow

NPR's Neal Conan and Ken Rudin on stage at the Political Junkie Road Show
NPR's Neal Conan and Ken Rudin on stage at the Political Junkie Road Show in Columbus.
11, 2012

WOSU hosted NPR’s Neal Conan and Ken Rudin for an evening of politics, trivia, puzzles and jokes during the “Political Junkie Road Show” on Wednesday.

Former Ohio First Lady helps elderly woman get home painted

10, 2008

When it’s time to put a fresh coat of paint on the house, many home owners say “gimme a ladder and a brush.” But for those who are elderly or low-income, keeping up a home is not quite as simple. Former Ohio first lady Hope Taft stepped in and helped a woman who was in this very predicament.

Lawmakers consider filing suit over veto of lame-duck bill

January 10, 2007

A fight could be brewing on Governor Ted Strickland’s first-day veto of a bill from the previous Legislature.

Taft makes mental health parity law

December 29, 2006

Governor Taft has signed into law a bill that has been supported by advocates for the mentally ill for two decades.

Ohio Supreme Court reprimands Taft

Bob Taft
December 27, 2006

The Ohio Supreme Court has given Governor Taft a public reprimand for violating state ethics laws.

Taft Could Sign Mental Health Parity Bill

6, 2006

There are indications that Ohio Governor Bob Taft might sign a bill that would require private health insurers to cover mental health problems the same way they do physical illnesses.

Governor Taft Stays Overnight At State Fair

3, 2006

Thursday is the eighth and final time Governor Bob Taft will spend the night with an Ohio State Fair Farm Family – A tradition that started with Governor James Rhodes.

Governor Taft Signs Predatory Lending Blill

20, 2006

Governor Taft has signed a bill that targets lenders and mortgage brokers who prey on consumers with bad credit or low incomes.

Court gives governor limited ability to keep records private

13, 2006

The state Supreme Court has ruled that the governor may keep secret some records he uses for decision-making.