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Women choose to give birth in water instead of at the hospital

12, 2008

Since the 1960s the standard way for a woman to give birth is at a hospital. While the numbers of mothers choosing to give birth at home may be increasing, the increase is slight. But one method of giving birth is gaining popularity among women who do want to deliver at home – and that’s the water birth.

Group studies hospital availabiilty of morning after pill

23, 2007

If a woman is raped, will the Ohio hospital she goes to offer her the morning after pill? That’s the question posed by a group that calls itself pro choice. Ohio public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports on the findings of the group’s study.

Birth control pills linked to increased breast cancer risk

5, 2007

Researchers across the country have revisited studies about the effects of oral contraception. They looked at young women who started taking birth control pills at a young age and continued to take them for years. Ohio State University oncologist Dr. Bhuvaneswari Ramaswamy said research shows an increased risk for breast cancer. Click on the icon to listen to the interview.

Birth-Control Prices On the Rise For Public Health Clinics

24, 2006

Public health clinics across the country are wondering what they’re going to do now the price for birth control pills skyrocketed. WOSU’s Mandie Trimble spoke with Kristopher Weiss at the Ohio Department of Public Health to find out if the increases will affect women around the state. Click the “Listen” Icon to hear the interview.