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New Research In Ohio Labs Brings Star Trek Technology To Life

UC Davis researchers work on their project, "Terahertz Interconnect, the Last Centimeter Data Link"
9, 2014

Ohio is emerging as a global center of research in a branch of physics that’s stymied scientists for decades. It’s called Terahertz radiation, a band of light waves with potential uses that range from detecting cancer to uncovering art forgeries.

OSU And Children’s Get Millions For Biomedical Research

31, 2009

Ohio State and Children’s Hospital combined will receive more than $4 million in recently announced federal stimulus money. The funds are designated for biomedical research.

OSU Researcher: Scientific Discovery Threatened by Lack of Funding

14, 2008

An Ohio State researcher testified before Congress this week about the need for additional funding for the National Institutes of Health.