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New BMV Rules Cause Some Undocumented Workers To Leave Ohio

21, 2009

Two weeks ago, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles canceled about 42,000 vehicle registrations because the owners hadn’t proven their identities with a driver’s license, state ID card, or social security number. That move has hit undocumented immigrants especially hard. Some of them have actually left the state.

Ohio Landowners Await Action On Carbon Credits.

7, 2009

While proposed health care change takes the lion’s share of congressional attention this week, some Ohio land-owners and conservationists are more focused on climate change.

Casino Bill Might End Gambling For Charity?

24, 2009

In just ten weeks, Ohioans will go to the polls to decide the fate of a ballot issue that would authorize gambling casinos in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo. One of the latest arguments from critics is that the proposal could wipe out Las Vegas nights, sponsored by churches and other charitable groups.

State Investigator Releases Report on Speeding Law Officers on Motorcycles

7, 2009

On June 28th, two off-duty law enforcement officers on motorcycles on Interstate 70 in Licking County were pulled over by the Ohio Highway Patrol for speeding at more than 140 miles an hour. The speeders, though, were not given tickets…..until several days later. And then, when the news media reported the events, many in the public were outraged. Governor Ted Strickland asked Ohio’s anti-corruption watchdog to investigate.

Gov. Strickland Restricts Use Of Inmate Control Technique

3, 2009

In the past, when prison inmates, people in mental hospitals, or people in drug treatment programs have gotten violent and out of control, they’ve been subdued on the floor in a face-down position. No more…or at least not for long, says Governor Ted Strickland

Bus Ridership Hits Peak for Red, White & Boom

2, 2009

The Central Ohio Transit Authority is preparing for its biggest one-day ridership of the year: shuttling passengers to and from Red White and Boom.

Two Groups Opposing Proposed City Tax Hike

8, 2009

Two groups are forming in opposition to the city’s proposed one-half percent increase in the Columbus city income tax. That measure is on the August ballot, and city officials say hundreds of police and firefighter jobs hang on what voters decide.

Gov. Strickland’s Education Reforms Face Tough Senate Challenge

4, 2009

Governor Ted Strickland got most of his education reform plan through the Democrat-controlled Ohio House of Representatives last week. But now, his plan faces a tougher hurdle: the Ohio Senate, where Republicans dominate. To try to convince skeptical GOP senators to approve his sweeping plan, the governor is toughening his rhetoric. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen has details.

Cedar Bog Nature Center Opens While Historical Society Cuts Jobs

6, 2009

The Cedar Bog nature preserve just south of Urbana, in Champaign County, has one of the state’s greatest concentrations of rare and endangered species. A new education center will open at the bog later this month. But the center will cost more than a million dollars and it comes as the Ohio Historical Society is making cuts and laying off employees.

New Adoption Law Will Help Foster Parents and Pregnant Moms

28, 2009

A new state law aims to make adoption easier in the state of Ohio. The legislation makes it easier for foster parents to adopt and could lessen burdens on mothers who choose to give up their babies for adoption.